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Factory Wheel Republic, LLC Statement

“Original factory OEM wheels are the best fit for your vehicle….and that’s exactly what you find with Factory Wheel Republic. We dedicate ourselves to offering top quality products and services—the latest styles and trends— top-notch customer service—and superb pricing. For original wheels that impress—it’s Factory Wheel Republic, LLC”


Factory Wheel Republic, LLC is a reseller of factory original wheels, tires and rims.
USA based, we specialize in “original factory OEM wheels.” Our number one specialty is wheel powder coating services along with a large stock of late mode wheels. We understand the wheel industry, and we strive to offer only the best quality products and the highest customer service.

About the owner Jan Tichy MBA 2008

“After working years in the automotive industry I discovered a great need: At the time, I owned an Audi S4 and I thought it would really look hot with black wheels. But after searching and searching I could only find black aftermarket wheels—not factory originals. So I assembled a team of automotive paint pros, who have developed an intense multi-step process that takes factory original wheels and then powder coats them in black (or any requested color). The result is the finest powder coated wheels on the market. And since our inception, Factory Wheel Republic has sold thousands of powder coated wheels to customers throughout the U.S and Canada…and now the entire world!”

“I believe that to be a citizen of earth is a privilege, and every day my goal is to make a positive impact on the planet and anyone conducting business with me. I look forward to helping you find wheels that you’ll love, and having an interaction that is positive, respectful and fun”.